Run History

Title Date Hares Run Site
391 Sunday 9th November 2008 Goes Down Quickly, Jungle F**ker & Kannot Kan Public Carpark of Marina Country Club - 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue
390 Sunday 26th October 2008 Hard Licker Jurong Park Carpark off Yuan Ching Road (in between Fairway Country Club and and soon to be torn down ex-Tang Dynasty Village).
389 Sunday 12th October 2008 Kannot Kan & Longfellow Bukit Batok West Avenue 8
388 SATURDAY 13th September 2008 Maggot & Elephant Man Orchard Towers Car Park
387 Sunday 28th September 2008 Browneye Elias Blk 601A (Car Park)
386 Sunday 31st August 2008 Green Piss, It’s Too Big! and Teeny Weeny Willy Dempsey Road Car Park
385 Sunday 17th August 2008 Origami, Elephant Man, Boo & Quickie Heavy Vehicle car park on corner of Tampines Ave 9 & 10
384 Sunday 3rd August 2008 Boo, Quickie, Origami & Elephant Man Upper Thomson Road - Public Carpark next to Chinese Temple and Long House Food Centre. Look out for Thomson Community Club which is opposite Long House Food Centre.
382 Sunday 22nd June 2008 Dragon Breath & Friends Car Park 2, Telok Blangah Green (off Henderson Road)
381 Sunday 8th June 2008 Teeny Weeny Willie, Sylvie & Danger Mouse Meeting point 1, Car park Bukit Batok Nature Park at junction of Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 and Bukit Batok East Av 6 (Old Jurong Road)
380 Sunday 25th May 2008 Mudsucker & Ichibawasan Jurong Road (Bukit Batok Heavy Vehicle Park)
379 Sunday 11th May 2008 Cannot Kan Jalan Murai, Lim Chu Kang (go to the top end of Jalan Murai, past the chicken farms)
378 Sunday 27th April 2008 Ditch Bitch & Buttwiper Kent Ridge Park up Vigilante Drive – Carpark B
376 Sunday 13th April 2008 Spiderman & Hannibal Lector Samy’s Restaurant
375 Sunday 6th April 2008 Velcro Twins - Slocum and Jackoff Corner of Munshi Abdullah Ave and Old Yio Chu Kang, off Yio Chu Kang Road off Upper Thomson Road
374 Sunday 16th March 2008 Dripping Bush, One Buck F***k Faber Heights Park
373 Sunday 2nd March 2008 Kannot Kan Lorry park at Stagmont Ring railroad crossing (Woodlands Road, north of the KJE juntion)
372 Sunday 17th February 2008 Ichibawasan & Elephant Man Block 984 Buankok Link multi-storey car park 3rd level
371 Sunday 3rd February 2008 Numbutt & Ichibawasan Yeo's Building, Telok Blangah Road
370 Sunday 20th January 2008 Maggot, Curry Balls & Cock Radio Blackmore Drive
369 Sunday 6th January 2008 Dim Sum & Mudsucker PUB Recreation Club, Woodleigh Park
368 Sunday 30th December 2007 Aqua & friends 4th floor, Jalan Besar Plaza's carpark, 101 Kitchener Road.
367 Sunday 9th December 2007 Teeny Weeny Willy, Anil and DIY Carpark of Bukit Batok Nature Park (Junction of Bukit Batok East Ave 2 and Old Jurong Road)
366 Sunday 25th November 2007 Ichibawasan, Mudsucker & Dimsum Lorong Sesuai
365 Sunday 11th November 2007 Gong Xi Fa China, It's too BIG & Butt Wiper Sentosa Island "BEACH CAR PARK"
364 Sunday 28th October 2007 Hard Licker & Shut the F*#@k up Jurong Park Carpark off Yuan Ching Road (in between Fairway Country Club and and the soon to be torn down ex-Tang Dynasty).
363 Sunday 14th October 2007 Elephant Man, Ichibawasan, Mudsucker & Origami Pulau Ubin - Ubin First Stop Restaurant