Run History

Title Date Hares Run Site
544 Sunday 24th August 2014 The Boxer & Penile Extension BISE, 3rd Floor multi story car park, Serangoon North Avenue 2 (opposite blk 151)
543 Sunday 10th August 2014 Dim Sum, Numb Cock and OBF Jalan Benaan Kapal
542 Sunday 27th July 2014 Phoney Dick & Trash 12 International Business Park (Car Park opposite Swiber Holdings)
541 Sunday 13th July 2014 Krit & Joel Rear car park opposite Block 74 Commonwealth Drive (Short walk from Commonwealth MRT)
540 Sunday 29th June 2014 Akage & Tenderloin CP2, Tuah Road, Sembawang Park
539 Sunday 15th June 2014 Ayam Zinking & Tenderloin BLK 30 Dover Road (Car Park)
538 Sunday 1st June 2014 Ichibawasan & Cumpus Ang Mo Kio Street 64
537 Sunday 18th May 2014 Buttwiper, Teeny weeny Willy, Dragon Breath Labrador Park, Car Park 1
536 Sunday 4th May 2014 Knobby Boy Scout & Wang Yu Lorong Halwa (Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery)
535 Sunday 20th April 2014 Buttwiper, Dragon Breath, Krit and Teeny Weeny Willy Car Park Behind St. George's Church on Harding Road
534 Sunday 6th April 2014 Ichibawasan and Wandering Two Lips Bukit Gombak Stadium Car Park
533 Sunday 23rd March 2014 Dripping Bush & Ayam Kampong Sunset Way, open space between old railway bridge and Clementi Arcade
532 Sunday 9th March 2014 Krit & Dragon Breath Zehnder Road (end)
531 SATURDAY 22nd February 2014 (Long) Buttwiper, Krit, Wandering Two Lips & Itchiebawasan. (Medium/Short); Dragon Breath, Teeny Weeny Willy, One Buck F*%k, Ayam Zinking Bottle Tree Park, Yishun
530 Sunday 9th February 2014 Penile Extension & The Boxer Ang Mio Kio Electronics Park Road, behind the Motorola Building on Yiu Chu Kang Road
529 Sunday 26th January 2014 Kannot Kan & Krit Jalan Lam Sam, Singapore
528 Sunday 12th January 2014 CUNTOPOP 566 Woodlands Road, Mandai Estate
527 Sunday 29th December 2013 Itchybawasan, Numb Cock Lorong Lada Hitam, Mandai Road
526 Sunday 15th December 2013 Dim Sum, Numb Cock and One Buck F*#k Katong Park, corner of Fort Road and Meyer Road
525 Sunday 1st December 2013 Krit and Wandering Two Lips Bukit Gombak Stadium Car Park
524 Sunday 17th November 2013 Dragon Breath, Teeny Weenie Willy & Buttwiper Zehnder Road
523 Sunday 3rd November 2013 Krit & Cunni Lick Her end of De Souza Avenue, off Jalan Jurong Kechil
522 Sunday 20th October 2013 Vaticunt & Cunni Lick Her Corner of Tanglin Halt Road & Tanglin Halt Close
521 SATURDAY 5th October 2013 Buttwiper, Dragon Breath, Teeny Weeny Willy, Vatic*nt, Wandering Two Lips Orchard Towers Car Park Level 6
520 Sunday 22nd September 2013 Black Horse and Kannot Kan Stagmount Ring
519 Sunday 8th September 2013 Dragon Breath, Teeny Weenie Willy & Buttwiper Vigilante Drive (Kent Ridge Park)
518 Sunday 25th August 2013 Penile Extension & The Boxer Lower Seletar Close, off Lentor Ave