Run History

Title Date Hares Run Site
490 Sunday 29th July 2012 Kan The Kobra & Kannot Kan Bottle Tree Park (car park on the right after the entrance)
489 Sunday 15th July 2012 Ayam Zinking & Kannot Kan End of Jalan Mempurong. From Sembawang Road turn right into Andrews Ave and all the way to the end, next to Handle Bar, in front of the defunct Bottle Tree Village
488 Sunday 1st July 2012 Ichibawasan & Arse Grabber Tagore Drive
487 Sunday 17th June 2012 Buttwiper, Dragon Breath & Teeny Weeny Willy CHANGED LOCATION AGAIN: Yeo's Building off Telok Blangah Street 31
486 Sunday 3rd June 2012 Krit & Wandering Two Lips Hua Guan Avenue, Mayfair Park
485 Sunday 20th May 2012 Kannot Kan Bukit Batok Heavy VehiclePark
484 Sunday 6th May 2012 Cubic Caveman & Kannot Kan End of Zehnder Road
483 Sunday 22nd April 2012 The English. And helpers! Harding Road, Lower Car Park, Behind Church
482 Sunday 8th April 2012 S&M Pheng Geck Avenue
481 Sunday 25th March 2012 Kannot Kan Marina Country Club, Punggol Seventeenth Avenue
480 Sunday 11th March 2012 Dripping Bush Sunset Way, near disused railway bridge
479 Sunday 26th February 2012 ShoeShopper & Wet Patch Mt Sinai Rise between Beaverton Court and Fontana Heights
478 Sunday 12th February 2012 Who the ... is Christine Blackmore Drive
477 Sunday 29th January 2012 Kannot Kan Jalan Lam Sam, near the heavy vehicle park at the junction of the KJE and Bricklands Road
476 Sunday 15th January 2012 Maggot, Cock Radio & Curry Balls Bukit Brown Cemetery
475 Sunday 1st January 2012 Origami & Elephant Man End of Chai Chee Lane
474 Sunday 18th December 2011 Who the .... is Christine Blackmore Drive
473 Sunday 4th December 2011 Black Horse & Scratchybawasan Heavy Vehicle Park @ Junction of Stagmont Ring and Woodlands Road
472 Sunday 20th November 2011 Kannot Kan Lorong Sesuai
471 Sunday 6th November 2011 Itchybawasan & Arse Grabber Beginning of Dover Road, opposite Fairfield Methodist Secondary School @ Blk 30
470 Sunday 23rd October 2011 Who The F*** Is Christine & S&M Fort Road Heavy Vehicle Carpark (at junction with East Coast Park Service Road)
469 Sunday 9th October 2011 Origami & Elephant Man End of Chai Chee Lane
468 Sunday 25th September 2011 Who The F*** Is Christine, Cubic Caveman End of Pheng Geck Avenue, near junction of Wan Tho Avenue
467 SATURDAY 10th September 2011 Buttwiper, Who The F.. is Christine & Teeny Weeny Willie Orchard Towers Carpark
466 Sunday 28th August 2011 S&M, One Buck F*** End of Pheng Geck Avenue, near junction of Wan Tho Avenue
465 Sunday 14th August 2011 Kannot Kan Jalan Lam Sam
464 Sunday 7th August 2011 Quickie, Boo, One Buck F%@k, Elephant Man & Origami Cactus Road