Run History

Title Date Hares Run Site
465 Sunday 14th August 2011 Kannot Kan Jalan Lam Sam
464 Sunday 7th August 2011 Quickie, Boo, One Buck F%@k, Elephant Man & Origami Cactus Road
463 Sunday 31st July 2011 Buttwiper, Dragon Breath & Teeny Weeny Willy Car Park at Bukit Batok Nature Park. Corner of Bukit Batok East Ave 6 (after Old Jurong Road) and Bukit Batok East Avenue 2 (Meeting Point 1)
462 Sunday 17th July 2011 Dragon Breath, Teeny Weeny Willy & Buttwiper Zehnder Road (drivers please park at the far end away from the residential area)
461 Sunday 2nd July 2011 Krit & Anders Jalan Lam Sam, off Bricklands Road
460 Sunday 19th June 2011 Browneye, Elephant Man & Origami with helpers, Ian & Chelsea Pasir Ris Drive 3 – 3rd floor car park at block 601A - CHANGED LOCATION
459 Sunday 5th June 2011 Mudsucker & Itchybawasan Car park behind Bukit Gombak MRT station
458 Sunday 22nd May 2011 Elephant Man & Origami End of Chai Chee Lane outside NPS (Indian School) after flatted factories blk 512 & 514
457 Sunday 8th May 2011 Dripping Wet Car park next to blk 28 on Sin Ming Drive – opposite LTA
456 Sunday 24th April 2011 Ichibawasan Serangoon North Avenue 2, Level 3 of multi-storey car park at block 150
455 Sunday 10th April 2011 Who the F%*k is Christine at end of Pheng Geck Avenue near junction of Wan Tho Avenue
454 Sunday 27th March 2011 Aqua & Black Horse Car park across field from Block 6, Hougang Ave 3
453 Sunday 13th March 2011 Kannot Kan & Kan the Kobra Sengkang Park – From Fernvale Road, after Kupang LRT station, look for National Park on the left
452 Sunday 27th February 2011 Boo & Hannibal Lecter Junction of Tagore Drive & Tagore Lane
451 Sunday 20th February 2011 Christine & Liz End of Pheng Geck Ave near junction of Wan Tho Ave
450 Sunday 30th January 2011 Kannot Kan Jalan Murai, by the gate of the army training facility
449 Sunday 16th January 2011 Maggot, Curry Balls & Cock Radio Bukit Brown Cemetery
448 Sunday 2nd January 2011 Origami & Elephant Man End of Chai Chee Lane outside NPS (Indian School) after flatted factories blk 512 & 514
447 Sunday 19th December 2010 Arsegrabber & Itchybawasan Cactus Road, off Yio Chu Kang Road
446 Sunday 5th December 2010 Arsegrabber, Aqua & Ichibawasan KTM Bukit Timah Railway Station off Bukit Timah Road (enter road just before King Albert Park)
445 Sunday 21st November 2010 One Buck F*@% & Dim Sum Prince Charles Crescent near My Saviour's Church
444 SATURDAY 23rd October 2010 Maggot & Committee Orchard Towers
443 Sunday 7th November 2010 Elephant Man & Origami End of Chai Chee Lane outside NPS (Indian School) after factories blk 512 & 514
442 Sunday 10th October 2010 Trash & Aqua Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A Carpark next to block 26
441 Sunday 26th September 2010 Dim Sum, Elephant man & Origami PUB Recreation Club, Woodleigh Park
440 Sunday 12th September 2010 Mini Humper & Mudsucker Jalan Lam San
439 Sunday 29th August 2010 Black Horse & Dog Hare Car Park at Junction of Jurong road and Bukit Batok Road, next to Bukit Batok Heavy Vehicle Park