Run History

Title Date Hares Run Site
436 Sunday 18th July 2010 Buttwiper Top of Kent Ridge Park, carpark with tank along Vigilante Drive
435 Sunday 11th July 2010 Vibrator (co-hare needed) Tagore Drive, off Upper Thomson Road
434 Sunday 20th June 2010 Longfellow Lower parking lot of German European School of Singapore. End of Bukit Tinggi Road -- across from the entrance to the British Club
433 Sunday 6th June 2010 Mudsucker, Mini Humper Lorong Lada Hitam, off Mandai Road
432 Sunday 23rd May 2010 S&M, Ichibawasan Mandai Road Track 7, Car park C
431 Sunday 9th May 2010 Dripping Bush Faber Heights playground
430 Sunday 25th April 2010 Dripping Bawasan, Doesn't Come Enough, Danger Mouse & Teeny Weeny Willy Yeo's Building – corner of Telok Blangah Road & Telok Blangah St 31
429 Sunday 11th April 2010 Itchybawasan Seletar West Farmway 6, right to the end
428 Sunday 28th March 2010 Dripping Wet, Kan the Kobra & Numbbutt Sin Ming Drive Public Car Park opposite LTA Building
427 Sunday 14th March 2010 DIY & Shut The F&*k Up End of East Coast Service Road Heavy Vehicle Park, just off the roundabout beside Fort Road
426 Sunday 28th February 2010 Kannot Kan & ko-opted kohorts Junction of Jalan Murai & Murai Farmway, just up the from all the smelly chicken farms, & outside the gate of the new SAFUWT camp
425 Sunday 7th February 2010 Tim Sum, Elephant Man, One Buck F%#k, Aqua & Origami Woodleigh Park – carpark of PUB Recreational Club
424 Sunday 31st January 2010 Kannot Kan, Kan The Kobra, Krit Jalan Lam Sam next to the heavy vehicle park, off Brickland Road by the KJE flyover.
423 SATURDAY 23rd January 2010 Kannot Kan, Kan The Kobra, Krit Jalan Lam Sam by the heavy vehicle park, off Brickland Road next to the KJE flyover.
422 Sunday 17th January 2010 Maggot, Curry Balls & Cock Radio Carpark At Block 26, Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A (Sin Ming Road)
421 Sunday 3rd January 2010 Black Horse, Dog Hare & His Wife Junction of Jurong Road and Jurong Road Track 18
420 Sunday 20th December 2009 Buttwiper, Teeny Weeny Willy & Vibrator Jalan Kampong Chantek (Near Murnane Service Reservoir)
419 Sunday 6th December 2009 Dripping Bush & Krit Playground, Faber Heights, Clementi
418 Sunday 22nd November 2009 Krit & Kannot Kan Ex-Japanese War Memorial Car Park, Lorong Sesuai
417 Sunday 8th November 2009 Elephant Man, Tim Sum, One Buck F#%k and Origami Bedok Rise
416 Sunday 25th October 2009 Hard Licker, her mum & Mudsucker Jurong Park along Yuan Ching Road. Next to Former Tang Dynesty
415 SATURDAY 10th October 2009 Maggot, DIY Orchard Towers car park 6th floor, Claymore Drive (just off Orchard Road)
414 Sunday 27th September 2009 Mini Humper & Kelly Chestnut Avenue, before BKE flyover
413 Sunday 13th September 2009 Dragon Breath, Virgin Hare and FRB's LABRADOR SEAFOOD CAR PARK at the end of Port Road, off Labrador Villa Road
412 Sunday 30th August 2009 Handbag - no son (or daughter-in-law-to-be) End of Jalan Loyang Besar
411 Sunday 16th August 2009 Aqua, Iris Wu & Numb Cock Poolside BBQ pits 4 & 5, City Square Residences, Kitchener Link, off Kitchener Road, Little India (#01-20, Block 10)
410 Sunday 2nd August 2009 Mad Chinaman, Quickie, One Buck F*@!, Elephant Man & Origami Carpark At Block 26, Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A (Sin Ming Road)