What is a Hash?

A hash is a running activity that is a mixture of cross country running and treasure hunt. A trail is laid by the hares yesterday or 5 minutes ago! The trail is not necessarily continuous and has a good mixture of challenging terrain, false and missing trail thrown in. The pack or the harriers meet at a appointed time and then run the trail from the start to the finish.

By teamwork, otherwise known as luck, the harriers will try to make some sense out of the hares' handiwork. The Singapore Sunday Hash House Harriers (S2H3) runs start at exactly 5.30pm. It is highly advisable to arrive early to change, stow your gear and warm up. S2H3 runs are typically about 1 hour in length.

The terrain covered varies from really swampy to swanky city runs. Hence it is a good idea to read "What to bring to the hash".

After the run, we assemble in 'circle' to re-live the run and have a few drinks. And then we continue with food and more drinks.

S2H3 is a mixed hash, that is male and female or both are welcomed. Unlike some other hashes, cameras are tolerated.